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Occupational Health & Safety

Azor Ambiental, S.A., eager to promote professional and personal development in a safe and pleasant working environment, is committed to preventing worker health injuries and risks, favoring continuous management improvement, fostering ongoing health and safety performance upgrades, and complying with all applicable legal and corporate requirements.

The Occupational Health and Safety Policy implemented by Azor Ambiental Management is based on the following principles:

  1. Commitment to reaching high Health and Safety standards at the workplace.
  2. Occupational Health and Safety, considered a strategic action plan to be developed within Azor Ambiental, needs to be an integral part in all corporate activities and decisions to ensure worker health and safety in all processes.
  3. Health and safety management is the responsibility of Management, which has to arrange all actions in any hierarchical level field with the same dedication and willingness as in any other area of their responsibility.
  4. Health and safety is part of the firm's business activity, being coherent and receiving the same attention as the rest of policies and functions at Azor Ambiental.
  5. The company ensures worker participation and feedback in aspects related to occupational health and safety, and provides the workforce with the necessary theoretical-practical preventive training and information.
  6. The company's current health and safety policy is reviewed and updated periodically, adapting it to changes in the environment.
  7. Azor Ambiental will enhance its occupational health and safety system through corrective and preventive actions.
  8. Occupational health and safety is the responsibility of each and every one at the company, which means we all have to PREVENT OCCUPATIONAL RISKS in our daily activities to work in SAFE and HEALTHY conditions.
  9. The goals and commitments mentioned in this policy are reached through collaboration and developed through everyone's dedication and effort.
Azor Ambiental Management commits to carrying out this policy in accordance with the rules of Spain's Occupational Health and Safety Law 31/1995 and requirements of the OHSAS 18.001 Standard.
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